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Hier bij Twee Huizen Verder zijn we nieuwsgierige aagjes, die altijd op zoek zijn naar iets nieuws. Zo kwamen we op het idee om aan mensen die ons inspireren te vragen wat hun favoriete album ooit is. Deels omdat we dat graag van hen willen weten, maar ook omdat we onze horizonten graag verruimen. De tweede geïnterviewde in deze reeks is Serena Verbon. Haar blog Beautylab is één van de grootste in Nederland, en vind ik zelf steevast erg fijn om te lezen. 

Wat is jouw favoriete album ooit en wie heeft het gemaakt? Serena: “Take This To Your Grave van Fall Out Boy”

Waarom deze...

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Industry News: Fall Out Boy three times stronger than the AiC fold, full info inside.


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27 21 days ago

Keep Rollin’.

During some downtime from their ‘Boys of Zummer’ tour, Fall Out Boy refurbishes Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood track. Fuck your curfew.

27 30 days ago

Stream only. Wiz Khalifa Ft. Fall Out Boy – Stayin Out All Night Remix.mp3, no download available.

22 About 2 months ago

If Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa seemed like an odd pairing for a two-month trek, they certainly found a rhythm at Jones Beach's Nikon Theatre in Wantagh, New York, last night. The Boys of Zummer co-headliners thrived on the quirks that make each an outlier in their own genre, and the musical similarities they've grown into sharing — a facility for genre-hopping and an easy appeal to the teens in the crowd.


34 2 months ago

Place yourself in a room full of 18 to 20-something-year-olds today and make them listen to this three-second audio clip.

It takes me about a second to recognize the opening to “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” I’d imagine it’s the same for many. Hi-hats and two consecutive muffled kick drum beats are all it takes for a crowd to erupt with excitement in between sets at a rock show. I’ve seen it happen countless times. It’s pretty magical.

Taken from Fall Out Boy’s sophomore full-length record From Under The Cork Tree, “Sugar, We’re Going Down” serves as the band’s first ever Top...

35 4 months ago

Fall Out Boy News Have a news tip? Submit news.Fall Out Boy Release "Uma Thurman" Music VideoPosted by Alex DiVincenzo - 08:38 AM on 04/17/15Fall Out Boy's music video for "Uma Thurman" can be viewed in the replies.#fall out boy   #video   Displaying posts 1 - 15 of 51Write a Comment 08:39 AM on 04/17/15#2Alex DiVincenzowww.alexislegend.comOfflineUser Info. when people ask us what life is on the road or backstage- i always think of how they picture it in their head. that was the intent of the uma video to deliver fly on the wall look into our life backstage and at home only...

94 4 months ago

All videos, photos, music and any other form of media are posted on this blog ONLY for personal enjoyment and promotion of the artists! All of these are copyright to their respective owners. They are available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain. All links posted here are sent either from the artists or their management! If any non-authorised file is shared users are recommended to delete files after 24h! Please support all artists and their craft by purchasing their albums, singles, dvds and memorabilia in stores and online. If by any reason you want...

88 4 months ago

April 18, 2015 04:02:42 GMT

The fun-filled video follows a contest winner named Sarah as she works as an assistant to the band's Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley.

shows their fans what it is like to become their assistant in the official music video for their "Uma Thurman". The band's new clip was premiered on Friday, April 17, centering on a contest winner named Sarah as she spends a day working for , , Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley.

The lucky girl starts the day walking Trohman's zebra before playing paintball with Wentz, singing karaoke...

72 4 months ago

Fall Out Boy Release “Uma Thurman” Video Feat. Brendon Urie, Big Sean & More

“The intent of the ‘Uma’ video is to deliver [a] fly-on-the-wall look into our life backstage & at home only on steroids,” Illinois pop-rock outfit Fall Out Boy tweeted not too long ago, describing the craziness that is their new music video for their song “Uma Thurman.” The track, which is taken from American Beauty/American Psycho, features Sarah, the fan who “won” the “Be Our Assistant For A Day” contest, as she diligently obliges to the band’s crazy requests both on and off stage.

The energetic Mel Soria...

57 4 months ago

Fall Out Boy News Have a news tip? Submit news.New Fall Out Boy Video TomorrowPosted by Jason Tate - 12:06 PM on 04/16/15Fall Out Boy will be premiering the new video for "Uma Thurman" tomorrow.#fall out boy   Displaying posts 1 - 15 of 16Write a Comment 12:20 PM on 04/16/15#2therookielotjust working on my soul punk operaOfflineUser Info.bout time therookielotView Public ProfileSend Private MessageWrite on WallView All Posts in ThreadInside  Currently Playing  View Signature  Posts: 3,836VitalsJoined: Sep 2007Location: Chi-burbiaMale - 29 Years Old 12:24 PM on 04/16/15#3beachdude42@beachdude42OfflineUser Info.Sweet! Can't wait for this song to hopefully blow up. beachdude42View Public ProfileSend Private MessageWrite on...

77 4 months ago

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